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::: 1st October 2010 ::: AnubiA Dota board/forum

:::: 30 September 2010::: Iranian Elite Dota tour

In partnership with iw3cup, the new dota portal AnubiA anounce the iranian Elite tour that  will take place Today between 16 teams, the qualifying matches are bo3 and final will be a BO5

Proof of increasing interest in the dota scene around the world is noticed, especially that Iran was not lucky a few days ago, where the team in WDC asia, [Iran Flag ] Xonce, could not express their true talents as a result of latency issues while [Iran Flag] [ReborN] managed to comeback from ESWC 2010 with a memorable win against [Brazil Flag] CNB

Brackets :

[Iran Flag ] Immortal.h     vs [Iran Flag ]    aGs
[Iran Flag ] Death Home     vs [Iran Flag ]    TFD
[Iran Flag ] Anar             vs [Iran Flag ]Xonce
[Iran Flag ] Patriots             vs [Iran Flag ]     VIP
[Iran Flag ] BTW             vs [Iran Flag ]     Reborn
[Iran Flag ] CY                     vs [Iran Flag ]    Unknown
[Iran Flag ] 3PL             vs [Iran Flag ]    Q^C
[Iran Flag ] IZ                     vs [Iran Flag ]     W.L

1st-$ 500
2nd-$ 250
3rd - $ 75

All games will be broadcast on GarenaTV

#24 September 2010 :::: Anubia Weekly Cup

Announce the first weekly dota cup

Do not forget to be in


#Anubia @ IRC!

Starting out 17:00 CET(GMT+1).

Mode-cm, 16 teams/players, Single Elimination, 5on5.

Brackets up about 16:45 CET(GMT+1).


Sign up : (Click on the USA flag at the right menu top)



#27 July 2010 ::: Sign-up System Issues.


A lot of emails has been sent to me that the form was not working for someppl's.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused , neverthless you can still sign up for the events with the same infos requiered on this page : by sending at :


Regards ,


# 26 July 2010 ::: Streamers picked up!


New streamers picked up for the french and iranian events.

One streamer is still needed for the bulgarian cup he will get rewarded by a ggc and esl tv streaming account.




 # 22 July 2010 :: Dota Online events


Anubia has announced the first online dota events are the following : 5x5 French Summer Challenges , Bulgaria summer Cup , Iran Online pride.

# 21 July 2010 ::: AnubiA looking for staff !


Anubias looking for volunteer opportunities that would like to help  Dota to grow on the scene of e-Sports :




-Asia /SouthAmerica Coverage


-Dota Movie Maker




Interested ? Apply at :

Contact :


# 20 July 2010 :::: AnubiA DotA is now launched ! :::::

The DotA community Anubias officially opens its doors, a place where mid-high dota teams will find a pleasure to express their skills over multiple online events.

Join us at IRC !

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